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Pictured is a smiling young adult woman, Natalie Casey. She is outside sitting on a bottom step and is leaning forward with her arms resting on her knees and hands clasped together.

Natalie Casey


Natalie Casey is a licensed professional counselor and certified Brainspotting practitioner serving clients in Michigan, Georgia, and Florida. She sees adults, couples/partners, and families.

Areas of Expertise



Career Changes

Chronic Illness & Pain

Conscious Parenting


Disordered Eating

Family Strain & Separation

Grief & Loss

Healthcare Workers

High Demand Lifestyles

Identity Development

Moving & Expat Experiences



Religious & Cult Trauma



Trauma: acute, chronic, & complex


I’m glad you found my practice and want you to know I’ve built this space with you in mind. Starting therapy can be a daunting journey, and I know finding the right therapist is truly the most important factor for clients to have a positive therapeutic experience. I hope you get a sense of who I am as a therapist and how we might work together.

My therapy is largely rooted in providing a restorative relational experience for my clients so they feel comfortable with me, a complete stranger, to explore the concerns they don't feel comfortable reaching for support from family, friends, and their community (yet).

My therapeutic approach is informed by:

  • Attachment theory- how people connect and relate to others.

  • Neurobiology- brain and nervous system function and changes to neurobiology as a result of traumatic events.

  • Neurodiversity- brain differences resulting in variations of daily living/functioning.

  • Decolonization- challenging one’s self regarding majority population's values, norms, and practices.


While no two clients come to me for the exact same purpose, what is true for all of my clients is that they enjoy having a space that is just for them. A space for them to land for one hour weekly, biweekly, or monthly to reflect, gain awareness, and hold themselves accountable to be intentional in breaking old patterns so they can grow and flourish.

I am an LGBTQIA2S+ ally, kink positive, and my therapy welcomes people of color, immigrants, people of all abilities, religious minorities, couples/partners in monogamous relationships and consensual non-monogamous partnerships, and people of all sizes. I am committed to social justice and will help my clients address issues related to marginalization, and cultural and societal expectations.​

With all of my clients, I provide a thorough understanding of the brain and nervous system so clients can identify their system's automatic responses and ways in which they can help shape them so that life feels easier to manage. I am certified in Brainspotting and incorporate Internal Family Systems in Brainspotting sessions. I offer clients opportunities to try a combination of Brainspotting and IFS and traditional talk therapy. Ultimately, you get to choose how you want to spend your time in sessions.


I will always tell my clients and potential clients this- I can't make trauma disappear. I can't make the things that trigger you or make you feel stuck cease to exist. What I can do is support you while you transform your relationship to the things that bring you distress. I’ll help you process trauma and strengthen your nervous system's ability to stay regulated. And that can greatly reduce the severity of symptoms, strengthen relationships, and make it possible for you to feel confident that you can navigate life with more ease. If you are motivated to be an active participant in therapy, I can promise you that you can feel and operate differently in life. With more clarity, compassion, and connectedness to yourself and others around you.

Aside from being a therapist, I enjoy spending time with friends, family, and my dog, Canelo. I'm an avid reader and podcast listener and enjoy listening to music while cooking or working on new ceramic pieces. I feel most connected to myself after a challenging hike.

I look forward to us getting to know each other.


- Master of Education  |  Counseling Psychology  |  Boston University  |  Boston, Massachusetts

- Bachelor of Science  |  Psychology & English  |  Eastern Michigan University  |  Ypsilanti, Michigan


- Licensed Professional Counselor  |  Michigan & Georgia

- Telehealth Provider  |  Florida

- Certified Brainspotting Practitioner

Getting Started

15 minute phone or video consultations are offered for clients interested in starting therapy. Reach out to Natalie below to request a consultation or book your first session directly through her portal.

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