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When looking for a depression therapist, people often want to learn how to cope with depression and better understand why they feel that way. The following is a brief list of reasons that people inquire about depression therapy:

Career stagnation

Climate change

Family history of depression

Fertility challenges

Grief & loss

Gun violence

Managing chronic illness/pain






Sex and intimacy

Social/political issues

Signs of progress during depression therapy could include:

Better sleep

Improved appetite

Improved communication

Increased productivity

Feeling more present

Feeling more motivated

Fewer panic attacks

Fewer irritable days

Higher energy

Positive mindset

Strengthened relationships

Reduced substance use

Reduction of circular thinking

Reduction of pain


Getting Started

15 minute phone or video consultations are offered for clients interested in starting therapy. Reach out to Natalie below to request a consultation or book your first session directly through her portal.

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