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Therapy for Helping Professionals

Whether you work in the healthcare field or another helping profession, you are just as worthy of the same level of support you give others.


If you are a therapist, doctor, nurse, caretaker, work in public health, teacher, a first responder, serviceperson, etc., you might relate to putting other people's needs first because that is the nature of your job. If you don't feel like you have a lot left to give yourself at the end of the day, I want to support you so you can find ways to change that. The following is a brief list of reasons that helping professionals inquire about therapy:



Career changes

Death of a patient/client


Grief and loss

Implicit bias

Imposter syndrome


People pleasing

Public image

Relationship challenges

Scarcity mindset

Social/political issues

Suicide of a client

Vicarious trauma

Workplace abuse

Signs of progress during therapy could include:

Better sleep

Improved communication

Increased concentration

Feeling more present

Enhanced performance

Growth mindset

Healthier boundaries

Higher energy

Mood regulation

Positive mindset

Reduced substance use

Reduction of stress


Strengthened relationships

Work/life balance

Getting Started

15 minute phone or video consultations are offered for clients interested in starting therapy. Reach out to Natalie below to request a consultation or book your first session directly through her portal.

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